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A lightweight double sided auto feed plate bevelling machine capable of producing a double sided weld prep.

 Designed to bring a new application to Plate bevelling. Weighing only 30 kg, the XL12 is an ultra-light option to create welding ready bevels on linear plate of any shearable material including Iton, steel (upto 60kg/mm2) and Stainless


 size and dimensions

size and dimensions

 bevelling bottom side of plate

bevelling bottom side of plate

Features / Benefits:

  • Produces a bevel edge ready for welding on any steel plate or component from 3 to 35mm thickness
  • A minimum width of 60mm and minimum working length of 60mm
  • Can bevel angles 30 ,45, 37.5, 22.5 and 50 degrees with additional kit
  • Incredibly silent operation
  • Can be used in a stationery position on a worktop, or automaticaly moves along the plate
  • Cutters available for mild and stainless steel bevelling
  • Easy setting of material thickness and cut with easily visible graduated scales for simple set up
  • Lightweight, operator friendly handles for transferring the machine around the workplace or positioning during long machining processes
  • High quality and hard performing working parts
  • Electronic operating system enclosed in a safety conscious, heavy duty control box

Package Includes

Machine ready for operation

One Cutter for Mild Steel

1 no. Bevel angle kit of customers choice





Maximum Bevel Width


Bevel Angle

30, 45, 37.5, 22.5 and 50 degrees

Material Thickness

3-35 mm

Motor Power

400 W

Nominal Feed Rate

1.8 metre/min


30 kg


470 x 294 x 523 mm

 Cutters available for Mild steel and Stainless

Cutters available for Mild steel and Stainless

 Optional angle attachments

Optional angle attachments

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