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BM21-S Stainless Steel Plate & Pipe Bevelling Machine

Stainless steel plate and Pipe Bevelling Machine designed for creating a weld prep ready edge with ease and accuracy

 BM-21S is designed for milling edges of plates and pipes made of stainless steels. Most important features include: low speed motor suitable for machining stainless steel, guide plate with guide rolls made of stainless steel. Unlike flame or plasma cut weld preparation, BM21-S produces no heat affected zone or distortion of the work piece.






Maximum Bevel Width


Pipe Bevelling Capacity

150mm - 300mm as standard, optional up to 600mm

Motor Speed

1560 RPM

Angle Range

0-60° with continuous angle adjustment


Integrated milling head with 10 square adjustments



Power Supply

230VAC / 50Hz or 115VAC / 60Hz


  • Hard wearing Stainless Steel roller plate and parts designed to withstand tough use
  • Single milling head equipped with 10 square inserts, simplifying the machining process
  • Quick and simple tool change with no special adjustments
  • Extended work range from 0 to 60 degrees with continuous angle adjustment
  • Easy setting of bevel angel and width
  • Vibration insulation designed to provide added protection for both user and machine
  • One universal guide plate for bevelling both plates and pipes
  • Bevels Pipe from 150mm to 300mm Diameter as standard
  • Optional attachment available for larger pipe up to 600mm
Top bevelling
Facing off
Pipe OD beveling
Bevel angles 0° to 60°
Bevel width up to 21mm
Pipe OD range 150-300mm 260-600mm (option)
 Plate bevelling

Plate bevelling

 Milling head

Milling head

 Pipe bevelling

Pipe bevelling

 Angle adjustment

Angle adjustment

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