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Rail Bull 2

Modular Track Welding Tractor For All-Position Mechanised Welding and Cutting

Rail Bull 2 produces consistent high quality welds and cuts in a fraction of the time required by manual operations

Automated welding and cutting tractor – Rail Bull 2  can be custom configured for a variety of welding, thermal cutting and gouging applications on flat or curved plate, tube and pipe. It’s suitable for all welding positions on both ferromagnetic and non-ferromagnetic materials. Rail bull 2 is best choice for your cutting and welding automation process.

Rail Bull 2

 suction pads and track for non magnetic surfaces

suction pads and track for non magnetic surfaces

 magnets and track for magnetic surfaces

magnets and track for magnetic surfaces

 circle ring track for 200mm to 3mtrs OD

circle ring track for 200mm to 3mtrs OD





115-230v, 50-60Hz



Welding Positions (according to EN ISO 6947 and AWS/ASME)

PA/1F / 1G, PB/2F, PC / 2G, PD/4F, PE/4G 

Welding Positions (Vertical)

PF/3G, PG/3F (Contact for details), PG/3G

Fixing on pipes and round workpieces

Ring Track - 200mm to 3m OD, Custom Rolled Track - 3m to 10m OD, Semi-flexible track - Min Curvature 5m

Torch Type

MIG/MAG, TIG, Plasma, Oxy-Fuel

Torch Diameter

16-22mm, up to 35mm (option)

Minimum Welding Material Thickness


Ground Clearance


Horizontal Pulling Force


Vertical Pulling Force


Cross Feed Adjustment Range

0-35mm up, down, L-R

Horizontal Speed

0-300cm / min

Vertical Speed

0-300cm / min

Oscillation Type


Oscillation Path

Trapezoid, Triangle, Straight Line, Square

Oscillator Arm Stroke


Oscillation Width

0.2 - 11.8 cm

Oscillation Speed

100-300 mm/min

Oscillation delay at centre and on ends


Maximum Oscillator pulling force




Rail Bull 2

Primary features & benefits:

  • Fully Modular Mechanical Travel Carriage
    can be customised for a variety of applications of welding,thermal cutting and gouging on flat or curved plate, tubes and pipes
  • Linear Torch oscillator
    Ready to produce weave welds
  • Modular automatic seam tracking system
    provides active compensation of torch position vertically and horizontally
  • Continuous and programmable path of stitch welds
    Controls weld length, space between welds, backweld length and crater fill time
  • Limit switch
    Stops the arc and travels the tractor to the initial position
  • Ergonomic remote control pendant
    simple to operate control knobs;making adjustments possible without the operator lifting welding mask
  • Magnetic adhesion of pendant
    Provides firm grip on ferromagnetic materials
  • Rack and pinion drive and various tracks equipped with magnetic or vacuum units
    Suitable for all welding positions on both ferromagnetic and non-ferromagnetic materials
  • High Speed upto 3m/ min
    Makes plasma cutting available


Linear oscillation with trapezoid, triangle and straight line paths
Min. path convex radius 5000 mm
Continuous welding
Stitch welding
Horizontal speed 10-300 cm/min
Vertical speed 10–300 cm/min
  • Tractor
  • Power supply
  • 5m power cable
  • Remote control pendant
  • 3m remote control cable
  • 6.5m arc ignition cable
  • 300mm rod
  • 300mm rack
  • Rackholder
  • Clamping block with levers
  • Short rod torch holder with fits all clamp
  • Cable anchor
  • Contact block
  • 6mm hex wrench 
  • Operator manual
  • All packed in a robust plastic carrying case

With seam tracking attachment

 Rail Bull 2

in action on pipe

 Rail Bull 2

Weld Finish

 Rail Bull 2

With flexible for rigid track

 Rail Bull 2

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