BM-21 Customer Demonstration

Posted by JOEL TURNER 27th June 2024

BM-21 Customer Demonstration

A short video of a demonstration I attended with our game-changing plate and pipe bevelling machine, the BM-21, for a customer, who works with tough XAR400 steel to fabricate metal structures.

I thoroughly enjoyed the demonstration, especially the customer's reaction to the BM-21. In just under 10 minutes and with two passes, we cut a 45° angle along the edge of a sheet of XAR400 steel.

The customer said it would take 6 hours of grinding to remove the same amount of metal, using multiple grinding discs, not to mention the fact that it is also a very physically demanding and filthy job.

I've got to say that the BM-21 made it look easy, and my favourite bit was when the customer turned to me and said "It cuts through it like butter!"

It's a great feeling to see the positive impact that our products have in the workplace! Get in touch to arrange a demonstration.

Let's make grinding a thing of the past!