Getting the Job Done with the SteelBeast® Lizard

Posted by David McFadden 27th January 2021

The Lizard Programmable Welding Carriage - Getting the Client's Job Done with Ease and Efficiency

After an initial consultation about a client's needs, we recently put together a package to provide the right solution for their production process, which required the joining of 12 metre steel tanks.

With the versatility of the SteelBeast® Lizard, along with built-in oscillation and programmable parameters, this was achieved with considerable easy and accurate repeatability.

Our client expressed his delight with the efficiency of the Lizard, telling us “Yes, well impressed with it. A 12m weld with one stop, taking eight minutes weld per metre.”

Here's his fantastic video he kindly sent of our Lizard Welding Carriage in operation.

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