Introducing our brand new Bevelling solution, the ABM30 Automatic Feed trackless beveller

Posted by Adina Pollard 17th May 2023

ABM30 Automatic Bevelling Machine

We are proud to launch our latest Automatic Feed, trackless bevelling Machine model ABM30.
With an achievable bevel width up to 30mm, and a variable angle setting of -70°+70°, this machine will produce a machined quality bevel finish on steel plates up 60mm thick.

With many features making the ABM30 a perfect
bevelling solution;
Needs no track to travel in both
directions with feed speed up to 2 m/min
4 wheels feed drive eliminates hard
physical work of the operator
Produces double-side bevels without
having to flip the plate enhancing safety and reducing material handling time
and expense
Edge to Edge working range
Semi-automatic feed stop at end of the
metal sheet
Variable spindle speed
Innovative, robust chip protection