EP1020-32 & EP1040-32

Pipe bevelling Machine

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EP1020-32 & EP1040-32
Max Bevel Width

Max Bevel Width: EP1020-32 - 21mm EP1040-32 - 42mm

Bevel Angle

Bevel Angle: 0° - 45°

Pipe Diameter

Pipe Diameter: 250mm (10”) to 810 (32”)

Max Wall Thickness Bevelling

Max Wall Thickness Bevelling: EP1020-32 - 21mm EP1040-32 - 42mm

Pipe OD Bevelling

Pipe OD Bevelling

Facing off

Facing Off

Applicable Thickness of Work Piece

Applicable Thickness of Work Piece: EP1020-32 - Less than 20mm EP1040-32 - 5 - 40mm (Different as per diameter)


Work scope (Diameter) 10”~ 32” 10”~ 32”
Applicable thickness of workpiece less than 20mm 5 ~ 40t (different as per the diameter)
Maximum diagonal width of bevelling 21mm 42mm
Maximum wall thickness of bevelling (45°) 15mm 30mm
Adjustable beveling angle 0 ~ 45˚ 0 ~ 45˚
Weight (kg) 8.2 + 7.3 + 9.7kg 9.5 + 7.3 + 11.0kg


Easy & fast set-up (Approx. 3minutes).
Applicable to pipes with various diameters with one machine.
Convenient work with a spinning handle.
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